Rebecca Mills

Content Strategist and SEO Enthusiast

The landscape of the internet is in a constant state of change. What was true about SEO in recent years isn’t necessarily the case anymore. As Google’s algorithm gets more and more sophisticated, as marketing professionals, we also need to continue to adapt.

Social media has allowed us to make strong connections with our professional network, keep in contact with our loved ones, and ultimately gain clients that would have otherwise never been able to see what we do. Having a curious mind and attention to the details is the best way to gain footing in your search engine results. Rebecca Mills has experience in working in online reputation management at BrandYourself, creating unique content and generating activity across her clients’ profiles. Beyond that, she also has a dedication to learn all she can about SEO and the best practices to apply to her clients’ online presence.

Rebecca Mills took a strong interest in marketing while working at the CareerLink of Lancaster County. She started out as an administrative assistant, but after the social media coordinator there left the organization, she was assigned the task of updating the CareerLink website and managing the social media profiles. While many people in the area were well aware of the services CareerLink offered, job seekers and companies rely on the programs to either find a job or find qualified applicants. By writing on the organization’s website and engaging with locals on social media, customers were able to quickly find out about workshops and upcoming job fairs. Also during this time, Rebecca held internships at Tower Marketing and Online Publishers, allowing her to get more hands-on experience in creating relevant content and learning about the basics of SEO from those in the marketing industry.

Wanting to continue to provide service to those in need, Rebecca accepted a position at the PA Department of Health and Human Services as an Income Maintenance Caseworker. While there, Rebecca had to manage between 40 and 80 open applications to determine applicants’ eligibility for services like SNAP and Medical Assistance. Although she wasn’t directly involved in SEO at this time, she wrote content for Roda Marketing as a freelance writer in her free time.

After considerable time spent soul-searching, Rebecca Mills decided to move on from the Income Maintenance Caseworker position and become a Digital Account Manager for BrandYourself. It was here she was able to develop her understanding of SEO to help her clients reach the goals they have with their online presence.

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